Putting the Pieces Together…


Being healthy is so much more than eating right and exercising.  We can be in the best shape of our lives physically but sick emotionally or even spiritually.

Think about the last time you really felt good…was it because you had no pain in your body…..or perhaps because all of your bills were paid?  Was it because you reached a personal goal or maybe even got a new job?  What is it that makes you feel good?  While there is no right or wrong answer, take a moment to take a personal inventory of just how well you are feeling. Then, connect the dots.

Health/wellness looks at the big picture.  It does not mean you are free of a health condition.  It simply means that in all areas (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even financially) you are the best YOU (or at least you have a plan in place).

Now, let’s set out on a new journey where we learn to take care of our total health.  After all we only have 1LIFE (in these bodies)….so LET’S LIVE!