Been Hurt? God Got This!

Dealing with pain is not easy especially when someone has hurt us.  As long as we are on this earth though, we will deal with pain.  The good news is that Jesus has already given us victory for whatever we have to face.  I really feel like God gave me this devotional to help remind us that He wants to walk so very close with us and help us deal with pain in a healthy way.

So please, join me on this 7 day journey.  I know you may want to read ahead but take each day to reflect on the scriptures.  Also, ask God to show you maybe some hidden pain that may be tucked away in your heart.  Sometimes, we just push things aside in an attempt to keep going in life.

For some, this devotion may take more than 7 days.  It is good to meditate on scriptures and ‘digest’ what God is saying before moving on.

So grateful to be on this journey with you!

Image result for heart Tekeela

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