Food Should Be Enjoyed!

Sometimes food gets a bad “wrap” (ok…couldn’t resist) but food is essential to our well-being; it is what gives our body energy.  Food is also an art (just ask any chef who carefully designs an appealing plate).  It is to be celebrated and is the center of any celebration or gathering.

Even when we are not celebrating, food is a part of our daily needs.  We (I’m guilty too) need to focus on food being that component which gives us energy first and celebrate how so good it can be second!

Tips for meal planning:

  1. Choose fresh fruits and veggies more often (will make our plates very colorful).
  2. Do not skip meals.
  3. Plan ahead for meals and snacks.
  4. Don’t skip out on the water (I need to work on this).
  5. Practice portion control.
  6. Choose lean protein more often.

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