Daily devotionals really are a favorite of mine.  For me, devotions help me to maintain a life of discipline.  They help me to set aside a time in my day to get my eyes off of myself (what is going on in my life) and focus on Jesus.

I wish I could say that I am faithful in sticking with a plan every single day but I am not.  I do try my best though to get back on track when life takes me in a different direction.  And because I usually have a devotional plan in place, it is so easy to go right back to where I left off.

Tips for a Devotional Life:

  1. Find a time of day that works for you.
  2. Focus on quality time vs. quantity time.
  3. Choose devotionals that are designed to fit your personality.
  4. Be open to God leading you in a different direction (for example, God may ask you to spend your entire devotional time in prayer rather than reading).
  5. Start somewhere, even if you only set aside 5 minutes a day.
  6. Set goals for your devotional time (for example, that 5 minutes you started with could turn into 30 minutes).
  7. Be creative and have fun!! We are more apt to stick to a plan when it is fun.  Believe it or not, God loves fun (He is the Creator of everything good)!

Be sure to check out the devotions that I have on this site.

Let’s Live,


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