Life’s a Journey: Where are you?

I like to look at life as a journey!  If we look at life in this manner, we know with any journey or trip, we have different places we can travel to and maybe even stop for a while. Think about a road trip, we stop to get gas or even food.  We can stop to rest a bit or even sight see on the way to our destiny.  We have heard this so many times, but it is true:  “this is world is not our home…we are just passing through.”

When we walk with God on this life’s journey, He often leads us to different places.  Sometimes He brings us to a place that may require a lot of courage, or He can lead us to place of rest or a place of direction.

Of course this devotion does not include all of the ‘places’ or paths God may lead you.  Hopefully though, it will at least get you to think.  I want to challenge you to read through each devotion BUT also pray -ask God to show you exactly where you are on your life’s journey.  Sometimes just having clarity on where you are in life or what is going on can bring so much peace.  He always answers!

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