A Change in Perspective…

So last week was a pretty full but fun week.  It was so refreshing to sort of continue the celebration of Resurrection Sunday with a break from the norm.  I was able to spend the first part of the week in beautiful Charleston.  I think what I love most about Charleston is the good food.  Well….I’m sort of torn between the good food and beautiful scenery but since I love to eat, food WINS.  We did something a little different this time by researching some of the best but maybe hidden restaurants.  And when I say we should never judge a book by its cover…some of the restaurants could have easily been overlooked by the outside appearance but on the inside….the food was truly a hidden gem.  I normally would not suggest eating BBQ, pizza and fried seafood within a 2 day span but sometimes you “gotta do what you gotta do” (1 life…just live)! By the third day, a salad and water was all I could lift my fork (and cup) to. We did a ton of walking so that helped with the overconsumption of food.

Finally, I wrapped up my week by going to Denver (training). I had never been to Denver but it was so pretty and I appreciated the beautiful plains (being a rural girl myself) and breathtaking mountain views.  Those views made me reflect on just how big God is.  As a matter of fact, the entire week made me think about our amazing God.  He created those hands that prepare and serve good food day in and out.  He created the amazing water views in Charleston and those soaring mountains in Denver.  He gave us the ability to love and bring joy to each other…even those we just pass during our busy days.

I think sometimes, we just need a change of perspective….a break from the norm.  It doesn’t mean we have to travel out of town.  Simply taking a different route home or going on a scenic walk—perhaps holding a conversation with someone you would never talk to or even visiting an elderly relative/neighbor would be a change! Let’s never lose our focus of what life is truly about.

Let’s Live!


2 thoughts on “A Change in Perspective…

  1. Great blog! It does feel good to change your perspective at times! That is why when I go on vacation or just looking for something different to do,I like to look for hidden restaurants and places that may be really enjoyable and different from the norm.


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