Let’s Celebrate Jesus!

Sometimes we just kick into survival mode…going through our days and weeks pretty much like robots.  And for some of us, we take whatever comes our way.  I am guilty myself!

However, I have to believe that survival mode is an insult to Jesus who came so that we can not only “kick butt” in life but also live an abundant and victorious life.

If we are going to impact the world like God truly intended for us to, we have to wake up, know our rights, and stand. His death cannot be in vain.  As we celebrate His death and resurrection, let’s pray that God will awaken our spirits and cause us to rise up and live out His promises.

Let’s celebrate Jesus and the many reasons He came to this earth.                                        He came to:

  1. Save us so that after this life we have the promise of living forever!    John 3:16
  2. Be an example of how we should love a dying world.         John 13:1
  3. Counteract anything the enemy throws our way.              John 16:33
  4. Give us authority over Satan and the kingdom of darkness.     Luke 10:19
  5. Give us direct access to our Father.                     Matthew 27:51   
  6. Bear all of the sins we could ever commit.         Peter 2:24
  7. Send the Holy Spirit to be with us.      John 16:7



Let’s Live!


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