Stress Eating….My Love for Gummy Savers!

I don’t exactly remember when my  love for gummy savers started.  I have always had a sweet tooth but my fondness for gummy savers may even surpass the ‘sweet tooth’ adage.

Before I continue, I need to disclose that I know there is nothing healthy or nutritious about gummy gavers…absolutely nothing!  It is pure sugar and artificial flavors (not to mention all the other ‘not so good’ ingredients).  That often does not stop me though!  I have come to realize that if I am having a stressful or busy day, I want gummy savers.  If I am rushing around or preparing for a busy week, my mind goes to gummy savers. I knew I had it ‘bad’ when I started receiving gummy savers as birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, Valentine’s gifts or gifts for any occasion, and I was perfectly happy!  Ecstastic!  I had my final “aha” moment when I purposely decided to cut back.  It was hard!

Often times, there is a link between the foods/things we constantly crave.  We can become emotional or even stress eaters and this requires a shift to being aware of what we are eating and why we are eating!  Of course we want our food to taste good, but we also want it to provide the nutrients we need for energy to carry out our daily activities.

I wish I could say that I have mastered the consumption of gummy savers, but I haven’t.  I have cut way back and try to think of them as more of a treat.  I have also tried to find more healthy food choices that I can substitute when I have cravings for gummy savers.  Planning ahead helps too.  If I know my day is going to be busy or a bit stressful, I keep fruit or nuts nearby.  I have also found that it is best that I don’t keep gummy savers in the house (yikes)!

So, if you find yourself constantly craving a food item or thing, take a moment to make sure there is no link between it and your emotions.  Remember, we are our very best when we are healthy and making healthy choices!

Let’s Live!


2 thoughts on “Stress Eating….My Love for Gummy Savers!

  1. Im loving the pic with the Gummy Savers! Yes what you said is so true. A good cup of coffee is an emotional goodie for me. Also chocolate and sometimes just anything sweet. This was a good reminder to be mindful of emotional state before and when craving foods.

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  2. I think we learned the sugar rush habit studying in nursing school! Our source of comfort from the daily grind was good old Candy and thick sliced bologna “samiches” ! I’m (only slightly) embarrassed to say my kids and their friends give me Twizzlers and twinkies as a gift ! You’re so correct! We need to recognize when we’re self medicating vs enjoying a simple treat.

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