The Direction of…..Pineapples??

The life of a 13 year old…..I am finding out it is quite different from what I remember at that age. My daughter recently turned the big 1-3 and it has been a roller coaster. Nowadays, she is in to pineapples! Pineapple everything….pineapple socks, pineapple necklaces, pineapple stickers, pineapple wallpaper (Iphone), pineapple earrings….everything is a pineapple. When I asked her why pineapples, she had no answer; it is “just the direction” she is headed right now. Next week or next month, it may be something different, but for now, the direction is pineapples. Sigh!

We all go in different directions at times. Most recently, I took a little bit of a “time out” just to see where I was headed in life. I find that is very much needed at times. Plus, sometimes you have to pause, fight some battles, put out some fires, and put that superhero cape right back on. Life has a way of navigating us off course. So, pausing is good!

Regardless of which direction we are headed, we have to remember, that we never stop learning, especially from one another. I am taking some wonderful small group classes, and the people that surround me teach me so much about life and love. We are geared towards learning…it’s in our DNA.

The pursuit to know more, be more, and do more really is a part of our ‘make up’, but these qualities can lead us off course when not balanced with wisdom and a clear knowing of OUR divine destiny.

As we approach this Resurrection Sunday, let’s take a moment to pull out the magnifying glasses to truly examine our lives. Are we just going through the motions? Have we lost our peace….joy….love for others, or even pursuit of Jesus? Has restlessness, hurt, or even anxiety become the norm? God uses these things as warnings, sort of red flags, to get us to slow down or even caution us that we are headed in the wrong direction. We can’t successfully journey with “baggage”…it truly gets us nowhere!

This Easter weekend, celebrate life….celebrate new beginnings….celebrate Jesus!

Let’s Live!


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