Why We Need Water (UGH!)

Let me start by being perfectly honest….I do not like drinking water.  Well ok….maybe I can get in a few ounces but it is a struggle for me to get in much more than that. I would much rather have a cup of coffee!  So… this is an area I will continue to work on.

But, water is so very, very important to our bodies.  As a matter of fact, water is very underestimated as a major factor in overall health.  More than half of our bodies is composed of water!  Water is essential for good circulation and digestion.  It keeps us hydrated and flushes out wastes.  Water also helps our skin and bones.  The bottom line, we need water!


  1. Add fresh fruit or veggies to your glass of water (strawberries, lemons, oranges, mint, cucumber, watermelon…just to name a few).  The color will make the drink look more appealing.
  2. Always keep a glass of water or water bottle nearby.
  3. Set a daily goal of water consumption.
  4. Choose water as your drink of choice when eating out (it will also save $).

We can do this!!


4 thoughts on “Why We Need Water (UGH!)

  1. I have never been a fan of water but the more I drink, the better I feel. The suggestions about adding fruit is very helpful. I’ve tried a few concoctions but my favorite mixture is orange slices, pineapple, and fresh ginger! Sooo, soooo yummy!


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